Hello, what’s up?

I’m gonna write something today and I’m excited because I’m not sure what it’s gonna be about.

Anyways I’ll start out with what I did today.

I, unfortunately, missed my daily exercise I should have done today. (That’s usually running or going to the gym)

But I did go skateboarding around the neighborhood so I got some exercise.

I always thought that skateboarding looked so easy in the videos but I’ve come to realize that it takes so many attempts just to nail one trick.

I’m still trying to perfect my ollie while all these YouTubers are doing insane tricks down stairs and rails.

So tl;dr, skateboarding is hard as heck.

I spent the whole day reading up on photography and guitar stuff.

Not the best use of time but not the worst.

I want to get good at photography and guitar but I’m afraid I won’t be able to concentrate on either of them if I try to pick both up.

If you guys didn’t know, I spend a ton of time stressing over what to do rather than actually doing something.

So yeah I know I’m not doing any good by being indecisive.

But I just can’t help but stress about it.

On another note, I listened to music today.

Joji’s new album Nectar recently came out and I really like Tick Tock, Eww, and Mr. Hollywood.

The rest are meh, I’ve got a very particular taste when it comes to music.

Even when only one or two notes aren’t to my liking, I’ll choose not to listen to the song.

Of course, there are songs that grow on me, but it’s rare.

Growing up with Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne.

My taste in music is more towards indie/alternative and pop rather than hip hop and rock.

I listened to a ton of orchestra, piano, and NCS music as a kid.

But since then I’ve delved more into alternative/indie.

Most of the songs I listen to these days are from my Soundcloud recommended list and it gives pretty interesting songs on there.

Nothing like what’s on the radio.

To be honest I’m not sure how to classify some of the music I listen to.

There’s a lot of mixing with the genres that I can’t really call a song indie or alternative without mixing it with rock or electronic.

With the increasing use of synthesizers, there are so many different sounds you can create so it’s hard to generalize music these days.

But yeah other than listening to music, I also tried my hand at editing some of my photos.



To be honest, now that I look at it, I’m not sure which one’s the better picture.

I’ll have to practice my editing.

But yeah, that was pretty much my whole day.