Goals for this Summer

Wow, I finished my accounting class.


Now that summer’s here.

I’ve got some goals I want to accomplish by the end of this summer.

First of which is to keep writing on Medium or any other platform to improve my craft.

I enjoy writing, it’s calming and helps me see myself better.

As I’ve said before.

Reading is about widening your views about the world, while writing is about discovering yourself.

Now that I’ve started, I don’t want to stop.

It’s a never-ending journey of new perspectives and self-discovery.

My 2nd goal would be to move out.

I’ve known about it for a long time. The feeling of being away from parents in the past has helped me grow up.

But ever since I moved back home, it feels like I’ve lost the drive and motivation I once had when living by myself.

And I don’t want to rely on my parents forever, it’s about time that I grow up and be more responsible for myself.

I’m the kind of person that will live with what they got.

If I’m thrown into a situation where the food is on the table for me, I’ll take it.

When I gotta earn my own food, I go do it.

My environment is a huge influence on my character.

The best way for me to live my own life is to move out.

I know that but the fear of such a big decision is holding me back.

So yeah, I need to move out by this summer.


I’ve got to find an apprenticeship for skilled trades. I’m done with university.

No point in pursuing a craft that doesn’t interest me.

Before, I’d be scared to choose another career due to the fear of picking one I’ll regret.

But the person that I’ll spend the most time in life is myself. So I gotta trust myself.

No time for anyone else but yourself, tired of living someone else’s life.

I’ll make the decision, I’ll know if it’s right.

I’d rather do and regret than regret and not do.

That’s the mindset I’m going with moving forward and it’s all thanks to all the people that believed in me and motivate me to pave my own path in life.



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