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What is the right way to live?

To work hard and try your best at everything you do?

Uphold the responsibility to your parents who have raised you from the beginning?

Experience the spontaneity of an adventure of a lifetime and live in the moment?

Plan your future methodically to ensure a safe stable life?


December 5, 2020, or should I say, the 5th of December in 2020.

The latter makes more sense logically.

Today I woke up at 8 am, closed the alarm, and woke up again at 9:30.

Took 30 minutes to get ready before getting picked up and going to boxing.


What am I doing? Been watching youtube for the last hour.

Today’s been kinda hard. It’s weird because my work shift was only 5 hours long.

But I feel more spent than an 8-hour shift.

I’m tired. Living by myself is good but just feels like I don’t have a…

Hi, it’s 11:03 pm on the 8th of November 2020.

Today was a busy day and I didn’t have the time to complete my daily to-do-list.

My ideal daily to-do-list:

  • Meditate
  • Run/gym/box
  • Write
  • Read
  • Practise guitar

So far I’ve crossed off reading, and writing off that list.

Unfortunately I don’t…

There are some amazing people out there in the world.

In dollar stores, bakeries, on the streets, people you’ll never meet.

Often, these people are amazing at certain things.

One is a hard worker, never gives up, and believes in starting and finishing a job with utmost quality.

Another has…


What do I write about?

Well, let's describe my surroundings.

There’s the faint buzzing of the lamp right beside my desk.

The tapping of my fingers on the keyboard as I write this article.

There’s a streetlight directly in front of my window that shines orange, unlike the fluorescent…

Alright, so I asked a girl out and got rejected.

… cue sad boi hours

Just kidding. It didn’t feel great, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

To be honest. I’m more surprised that I actually asked her out than the rejection itself.

Even though I got shot…

I don’t really believe in anything.

What I mean by this statement is I’m not that fond of absolutes and must-be’s.

I never commit 100% to anything. At least I don’t believe anyone can commit 100% to anything.

In the face of everything, I can always take one step back…

Wayne Liang


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